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Mario Gisbert

Mario Gisbert, the founder of Pigmentalia, is responsible for management of the network of Pigmentalia centres all over the world. His in depth knowledge in this industry as well as marketing expertise has contributed immensely to the growth of our brand internationally.

about Mario Gisbert, founder of Pigmentalia

About Mario

Mario Gisbert is heavily involved in providing the consumers with all the information, pros and cons of Scalp Micropigmentation and how this treatment can provide a solution for most men suffering from Alopecia (including male pattern baldness), thinning hair and transplant scars.

Mario works closely with all partners within Pigmentalia to ensure we provide supervision and quality control on the standard of our associated centres and technicians. Client satisfaction is extremely important to him and everyone else within the Pigmentalia network.

Mario Gisbert is one of the world’s leading experts in the Micropigmentation industry.

During his younger years he combined his studies with his hobbies: makeup and micropigmentation. He travelled regularly to Asia and the United States where he trained in the latest techniques and contacted manufacturers of machines and pigments. His mother, Josephine Carrasco, was the pioneer of micropigmentation in Spain. Later on together they were the first in providing high quality training in Permanent Makeup.

Over the last 20 years, Mario Gisbert has attended conferences and seminars worldwide where he has shared his wealth of knowledge through presentations and master classes.

He has created a unique training methodology and has formed teams of teachers worldwide. His book has been distributed in over 30 countries and is the foundation of all his training. All over the world Permanent Makeup Artists have used his book to improve their standard of work.

As founder and president of the Spanish Association of Micropigmentation he has participated in numerous legislative processes that have ensured micropigmentation to become more regulated in terms of health and safety.