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About Us

Authorised Technicians and Associated Centres


Pigmentalia and Beauty Medical are two brands that have joined forces to build an international network of Tricopigmentation technicians and centres, led by Mario Gisbert and Milena Lardi. The UK clinic is managed by Jasper Scholtes, Debbie Clifford (Pigmentalia Technician and Trainer) and Tina Walsh.

Sobre Pigmentalia micropigmentación capilar

Pigmentalia is responsible for communicating the benefits and advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation (or tricopigmentation) to consumers. Our mission is to be the channel of communication and customer service between those interested in this technique, the technicians of scalp micropigmentation who apply the procedure and the centres where treatments are carried out. Pigmentalia supervises the quality of the treatments and guarantees the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Beauty Medical is more focused on the hair transplant surgeons and research and development as well as training for the technicians worldwide. The mission of Beauty Medical is to always provide the most innovative techniques of training and the highest technological quality in the products used for Tricopigmentation. Their aim is to become the global reference for clinics (including all the top hair transplant surgeons) and professionals.


  • Beauty Medical has developed its own methodology in the "tricopigmentation" sector.
  • Pigmentalia has developed a system of communication and customer service within the "tricopigmentation" sector.
  • Thanks to the know-how of the two brands, a licensing and authorisation model has been created within the "tricopigmentation" sector.
  • The authorised technicians and partner centres for scalp micropigmentation will be able to exercise the "scalp micropigmentation" activity in a location which they choose and which should be approved in terms of the defined characteristic features.
  • Before starting their training, the authorised technicians will be required to prove technical experience and knowledge both to the trainer and to the centre or the clinic.


  • Pigmentalia and Beauty Medical are committed to pass on their "Know how" to the authorised technicians and partner centres via various training courses.
  • Beauty Medical provides the final certification of technicians in scalp micropigmentation.
  • Pigmentalia conducts the introduction, specialization training and the preparation for launching marketing activities.
  • Pigmentalia carries out customer services and communication for technicians and centres and installs systems of excellence and quality control for the total satisfaction of the client.
  • After the initial training and specialization for 3 months, the work of the technician on models and their marketing and customer care procedures, will be supervised and evaluated prior to obtaining the final certificate that qualifies the technician and their centres.

Communication & customer service

  • The authorised technicians and partner centres for scalp micropigmentation will have a listing on online platforms with the goal of promoting and strengthening their position within the Scalp Micropigmentation industry.
  • The clients will be able to find all the information about technicians and centres in their area, read their profiles, ask for consultations and recommendations. The online Pigmentalia platform also features indepth knowledge in not only Tricopigmentation (TMP) but also male pattern baldness and hair transplants.

Machines & products

  • The authorised technicians and partner centres are committed to using only the machines and products supplied by Beauty Medical thereby ensuring the optimal results to the client as well as maintaining high levels of quality, safety and hygiene.

How to become an authorised technician?

We seek candidates that have professional, accredited experience in some of the following fields:

  • Facial and/or Paramedical Micropigmentation Centre.
  • Trichology Centre (Dermatology specialised in scalp).
  • Hair Restoration Surgery Clinic which perform the FUE method.
  • Hair Restoration Surgery Clinic which perform the FUT method.

As basic collaboration conditions, we need to receive from the interested party an initial proposal along with a simple business plan with at least the following information.

  • Country/ City where the person would like to establish their scalp micropigmentation business.
  • Curriculum Vitae and experiences of the technician
  • Establishments where the activity would be carried out (photos, licenses, specific location...).
  • Supervision plan for the employee selected as a technician.
  • Marketing plan and communication strategy for reaching final clients.
  • Dates that would be chosen for the courses and the start of such courses.