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Would you hide your baldness with temporary corrective methods?

Temporary corrective products take many forms. However, in essence, they are a cover-up that create an illusion on the hair, making it look denser. 

Today, the old "spray - on" products for hair, keratin - based makeup products, such as Toppik or hair brushes with solutions like DermMatch are available on the market.

How do temporary corrective methods work?

Temporary corrective methods stick to the scalp and therefore make the existing hair appear fuller and manage to reduce the appearance of hair loss.

What are the disadvantages of temporary corrective products?

Many people complain about how deceiving the photos in advertisements are and how low-quality correctives stain the clothes.

Many users point out that they are unstable and that they can come off with a strong wind or under the rain.

What does scalp micropigmentation have to add to these products?

Many of our clients have tried corrective methods. However, they continue to be unhappy with the results.

Whilst the illusion is effective those, that have suffered bad experiences might have felt an increase in their insecurity and lack of confidence, which creates a vicious cycle.

Scalp micropigmentation is an alternative for those that have not yet found a definitive solution for their baldness problem.