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Hair Densification by Ángela Navarro

Many of you have had or are considering to have scalp micropigmentation treatment for densification, which has the objective of making the hair you have appear more dense.

Ángela Navarro

With the idea to give you useful information so that you keep the hair that you already have as healthy as possible, we have interviewed one of the most well-known professionals in the world of hairdressing and aesthetics,Ángela Navarro. In this post, he would like to share with you his advice regarding how to keep your hair and scalp healthy and therefore achieve a more vital look.

After so many years of professional experience in the world of hairdressing and aesthetics how would you recommend that wetake care of our hair?

It is clear that we cannot go to the Hairdresser's every day so that they maywash and arrange our hair. Therefore, we need to reserve sometime every day to provide some care to keep it clean, healthy and attractive.

To take correct care of your hair is very important. Therefore, it is crucial to know not only how to do it but also which cosmetic products are the most suitable ones.

Both the face and the body, and, of course, the hair and the scalp must receive some daily care and the most important and indispensable ones are those related to hygiene.

Just like the skin on the face and the body, the scalp and the hair also require some daily care with a few specific cosmetic products.

In general, the hair and scalp is washed without thinking too much about the way in which we do it. However, it is very important to select the appropriate cosmetic products and follow certain guidelines to make sure that we do it in the correct way. Here, we are talking about healthy hair and scalps which do not present any changes such as oiliness and dandruff.

How do the hair and the scalp get dirty?

Let us remember that there are internal factors, such as the waste discarded by the skin, as well as external factors, such as pollution, the residues of cosmetic products, etc. Moreover, it is more complicated to clean the scalp and the hair than to clean the skin.

How often should we wash the hair?

How often we wash the hair is the first aspect to take into consideration if you would like to have healthy and beautiful hair. This depends on the climate, the environment, the hair type and the lifestyle. Did you know that excessive hygiene can lead to the elimination of the natural secretions that protect the hair and the scalp from external factors, such as the sun, the wind andpollution? Therefore, the most recommendable thing to do is to wash the hair every other day, or every two or three days.

Which cosmetic products are the most suitable ones based on your experience?

I am going to give you a very important piece of advice: Before choosing cosmetic products for the hair, it is advisable that you let a qualified professional carry out an analysis of your scalp and hair to learn about your hair type and condition.

Although we think that all shampoos clean well, in this case you should buy shampoos more for their quality than for their price as a shampoo that is not of a high quality can damage the hair fibres and irritate the scalp after many washes. It means we are attacking the skin and the hair if washing is not done in the correct manner with suitable products.


Washing the hair regularly ensures that we have clean, shiny, strong and healthy hair.


1- Choose the most suitable shampoo for each type of hair so that the shampoo does not dry out the hair. Use the necessary quantity of shampoo, an excessive amount can damage the hair.

2- The quantity of shampoo depends on the lengthof the hair. However, too much shampoo should not be applied as it can dry out the hair and irritate the scalp.

3- Wetting the scalp. Water temperature should be warm as it can damage the hair if it is too hot and it may not remove the grease of the hair and the scalp if it is too cold. During the final rinse, the recommendable thing to do is to use cold water so that the hair stays shinier.

4- Shampoo is first applied on the scalp, rubbing with the fingertips, and then on the hair. Depending on how often the hair is washed, 1 or 2 rounds of shampoo can be applied.

The quality of the shampoo is a determining factor to keep the good state of the skin and the hair fibres. All shampoos clean. However, if they are not of high quality and are not recommended, they could damage the hair.

5- You should apply conditioner no matter how your hair is. It should be applied from the middle parts down to the tips of the hair to prevent the hair from having too much grease at the roots. Then you can pass your almost clean hands through the roots and the rest of the hair. Be careful with the quantity; if too much conditioner is used, the hair can get flattened out.

All hair types need a good conditioner. Remember that the hair could get a heavy feeling and lose its volume if the conditioner is not of good quality.

6- To stimulate circulation during the conditioning process, a soft massaging technique can be sedon the scalp.

7- In addition to using a conditioner, it is recommendable to apply a good hair tonic that soothes the skin and closes the cuticle layer.

8- If the hair is dyed, it is recommendable to use cosmetic products that strengthen the hair fibres and keep the colour.

9- According to the type and state of the hair, specific regular treatments can be performed.

Remember: Just as the skin on the face and the body requires an aesthetic diagnosis to be able to find the cosmetic products and treatments needed, the skin on the scalp and the hair also need the same. Before choosing the cosmetic products for hygiene and treatment, an aesthetic diagnosis should be performed by a specialised professional.

If the cosmetic products for hygiene and conditioning are not suitable or if their application is not performed in the correct manner, washing the hair could lead to damage on the hair.

It is very common to buy cosmetic products for hair and scalp care without getting professional recommendation. Both quality and good professional recommendations are crucial to have healthy and attractive hair.

In our centres, we offer you an aesthetic diagnosis for the hair and scalp completely free of charge as well as guidance that allows you to choose the most appropriate cosmetic products to keep the skin healthy and the hair shiny and attractive. Take good care of your hair. It needs to last you a lifetime.

We often forget about the scalp. How much importance do you attach to the scalp?


Moreover, it is where hair, one of the most important aesthetic elements of our image, grows.

It is obvious that what worries us most is what we or others can see, that is, our hair, for which we apply all sorts of care to keep it healthy and attractive. However, in order to have healthy hair, it is important to know that the skin on the scalp must be in good state as well. Therefore, it must be cared for in a certain manner.

What is a healthy scalp?

Remember that the scalp is not seen with the naked eye, which is why it is crucial to have a good aesthetic diagnosis performed by a professional with the goal of treating the scalp with the suitable cosmetic products.

A healthy scalp is not irritated or sore, is hydrated, without an excessive amount of grease, tonified and elastic. The elasticity ensures that both the skin and the hair follicles receive good nutrition from blood capillaries.

On a healthy scalp, the sebaceous glands secrete the grease that is necessary to keep the hair lubricated and the skin needs to be well-hydrated, elastic and without irritation or flaking.

There are many causes, both internal and external, which can change the balance of the skin on the scalp, such as:

Internal causes:

  • Unbalanced diets
  • Lack of rest
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress
  • Smoking

External causes:

  • Water containing chlorine
  • Frequent colouring or styling
  • High washing and drying temperatures
  • Aggressive shampoos
  • Products for brushing finish
  • Inappropriate washing
  • Lack of hydration

What is your professional advice?

Given that the beauty and health of your hair also depends on the good state of the skin on the scalp, you should take as much care of the scalp as the skin on the face and the body or more. For this reason,I will provide you with some advice.

There are equipments of aesthetic diagnosis that allow us to analyse the scalp, take photos of the state it is in and have it monitored.

  • It is crucial to conduct an aesthetic diagnosis of the skin on the scalp to treat it with specific cosmetic products.
  • Some ingredients in shampoos can excessively dry the skin and the hair and be the cause of different changes at the long and the short term. Therefore, the following steps should be taken:
    - The shampoo should be recommended by a hairdressing professional who has previously conducted a diagnosis of your scalp and your hair.
    - The hair must be rinsed with plenty of water so that there is no residue left. Calcareous water can also irritate the scalp. If the water where you live is very hard, prepare a mix with a tablespoon of lemon juice or apple vinegar in a litre of cold water and rinse the hair with this solution.
  • It is very important to keep the scalp well hydrated. The correct way of keeping the scalp hydrated is by washing it in the correct manner and applying a hydrating cream if necessary. For this reason, you should use a good dermal hydrating cream for the hair and apply it by parting the hair all around the scalp. Put on a plastic hair cap and let the cream work for 15 minutes before washing your hair. You can also let it work all night and wash the hair in the morning.
  • If the skin on the scalp has changedsuch as irritation, dandruff, grease, dehydration, it is necessary to use specific products that are specifically formulated for that area.

  • Brushes of plastic materials or metal can irritate the skin on the scalp and damage the hair fibres. It is more recommendable to use brushes with natural bristles as they are more suitable for the hair and the scalp.
  • The scalp accumulates a lot of dirt both internally (the waste that is discarded by our skin) and externally (pollution and cosmetic residues). Just like the skin on the face and the body, the skin on the scalp needs regular exfoliation to stay in good state. A specialised professional can recommend you what kind of product you should use and how often you should use it after an aesthetic diagnosis.

Remember that scalp peelings or exfoliation not only allows us to deep-cleanse the skin and to rejuvenate it, it also enhances the uptake of cosmetic products for treatment.

  • Massaging the scalp is recommendable in all cases except in the case of seborrhea, which can stimulate a bigger secretion of sebum. Soft massages for the scalp are perfect as they activate blood circulation and therefore reactivate hair growth.
  • Balanced diet and exercise. We should always remember to lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet,rest, exercise and stress management. It is not possible to have healthy and attractive skin and hair if, as well as applying external care, we do not also take care of our lifestyle and therefore our health.

I hope that from now on you will pay more attention to the skin on the scalp and that you will consult with specialised professionals so that they can help you to take care of your skin.

Ángela Navarro