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Debbie Clifford teaches successful Scalp 1 in Yorkshire

Pigmentalia UK trainer Debbie Clifford hosted a successful Scalp 1 training in Yorkhire from the 18th October till the 21st October.

3 more students have started their journey towards an exciting and rewarding new career as Scalp Micropigmentation (tricopigmentation) specialists.

Scalp 1 training by Pigmentalia UK
Scalp micropigmentation training Yorkshire
Debbie Clifford teaching Tricopigmentation in Bingley
Hairline design during Scalp 1 training
Practice of tricopigmentation techniques on mannequins
Debbie Clifford demonstrating Densification technique

On the first day of the course we covered many subjects such as the treatment process, micropigmentation, hygiene, safety standards, hair transplants, alopecia, contraindications, hairline design and much more.

Day 2 was all about practicing techniques on the mannequin heads using our special tricopigmentation machine.

On the 3rd and last day Debbie Clifford carried out 2 demonstrations on a model, a shaved effect and a densification effect.

After completing the first 4 days of this course the students are now practicing their techniques and studying more theory before the start the second part of their training in November.