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Scalp micropigmentation as a supplement to FUE

In this post, we will provide information regarding the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique and regarding the added value that scalp micropigmentation offers for this technique.

Micropigmentation helps to provide density to the FUE technique

This technique is comprised of a procedure where hair is extracted follicle by follicle. The extracted follicles are implanted in the selected zone. The technique does not leave a scar; only white points of a size of 1-2 mm on the area where the follicle has been extracted.

Due to its complexity, it is more expensive than the Strip method, with an approximate price of €25.000 and there are certain types of baldness that would be impossible to cover with this technique.

The scalp micropigmentation technique is compatible with this procedure and it can easily camouflage the white tiny scars and provide the desired density.