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Scalp Micropigmentation versus wigs

On todays market, there is a great variety of alternatives for treating  hair loss problems. 

Some wigs are very noticeable, which is why they prevent you from having a natural image

Tricopigmentation is the solution we offer at Pigmentalia. From our experience, we know that it can add value to those that are not satisfied with the existing treatments.

We are going to be writing a series of posts where we will provide you with information regarding these treatments and how scalp micropigmentation can complement them or be the alternative choice.

  • Wigs
  • Toppik
  • Hair transplant surgeries
  • Pharmacological treatments
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • etc...

We will begin this section by talking about Wigs:

Some patients have the need to feel the hair with their hands; to have long and dense hair. For those that would not or do not feel comfortable with a shaved look, wigs are a useful alternative.

Wigs prevent the natural transpiration of the skin. Therefore, they can produce irritations on the skin. To prevent this, we recommend you to invest in them, looking for professional advice for quality and having periodic checks at the specialised centre.

Tricopigmentation would not be a complementary treatment to wigs, though it is indeed the alternative for those that are not comfortable with wearing a wig or a hairpiece.