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Tricopigmentation as a supplement to a FUT

In this post, we will provide information regarding the Strip (hair transplant with follicular units in strips, FUT) method and how scalp micropigmentation can be an ideal complementary treatment. 

Scars of the Strip technique camouflaged with scalp micropigmentation

The Strip technique (hair transplant with follicular units in strips) is one of the most frequently used techniques in hair transplantation. It is a surgical intervention where the surgeon makes a cut or an incision in the occipital zone in the form of strips to extract in the area containing the most hair follicles possible. This incision can reach a maximum size of 1 to 2.5 cm of width and 25 cm of length.

The procedure is conducted by an expert doctor who consecutively passes the strip onto his/her team and then the follicles are extracted one by one in the selected area. By implanting between 1500 to 2500 follicles per procedure, they aim to extract approximately 400 bulbs per 1cm2 of the skin. Therefore, it is not possible to cover a large bald area with only one intervention.

In Europe, a medical team can come to implant the quantity mentioned above and the cost can reach between €5.000 and €6.000 per procedure. There are cases in the USA where they have been able to implant up to 10.000 follicles in just one procedure, considerably increasing the cost beyond €60.000.

This technique requires a healthy scalp to be able to extract the strip. Therefore, it is a technique that cannot be conducted on certain patients.

Both the surgeons that practice the Strip technique and the patients that have undergone this procedure have chosen micropigmentation as an ideal complementary procedure after the technique.

Tricopigmentation can add more density to the hair after the transplant as well as camouflage the scar created by the FUT transplant.