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Tricopigmentation: the new solution for baldness

Tricopigmentation is becoming one of the preferred solutions for hair loss or male pattern baldness and has gained popularity in the recent years. 

Recently, tricopigmentation has gained popularity as well as the approval and respect of the industry as one of the most viable solutions to treat alopecia.

Up to now, Hair Transplant Surgery, Temporary Correction Systems, lotions like Minoxidil or medications like Propecia were the real options.

Tricopigmentation offers a secure and non-invasive solution with guaranteed and semi permanent results.

Many clients use this technique as a complementary procedure to hair transplant treatments, dermatological treatments or as a substitute for wigs or Toppik.

Therefore, as we would like to continue to add value to the treatment of alopecia, we will continue to provide information regarding this innovative and effective solution and we will compare it with different traditional treatments so that you can evaluate for yourself which alternative is the one that fits you best.