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The design of the hairline in Micropigmentation

The design of the front hairline is one of the most important aspects when creating the design. In this post, we will talk about this aspect. It is placed, in general, between 3 to 4 fingers from the eyebrows depending on the size of the brow.

These are semi-defined lines in that the colour intensity and density are somewhat stronger
The technician defines the starting point via some measures and establishes the front line

Each of us is different by nature and this is reflected in our physical features. Therefore, a personalised "hairline" type is designed for each client, taking into account the taste and the features of the client.

The first step when designing the hairline is to detect the central point or the starting point. To calculate this point, we take the measures of the nose of the client as a reference. Once the technician has defined this point via some measures, the front line is established.

The front line is individualised for each client and is adjusted according to their style, preferences, age, skin type, hair tone and tolerance to change.

There are many types of lines: rigid and strong, soft and broken, with more or less density, etc. and this depends mainly on the skin colour and the features of the client.

Soft lines or Broken Lines:

  • These are not a defined line, but more like isolated points.
  • As they are not defined, they have less density and colour intensity, being less perceivable and creating a more natural and delicate look.

Intermediate or Semi-broken Lines:

  • These are semi-defined lines where the colour intensity and density are somewhat stronger.
  • These lines mainly work on those with slightly darker hair and skin types.

Defined lines:

  • Completely defined lines which bring a great level of density.
  • This type of line tends to be chosen when we go for a more modern look. Afro- Caribbean clients, clients of Asian origin or anyone who looks for a more defined look are suited to this technique.

The hairline is one of the biggest concerns of the client and therefore, at Pigmentalia we offer you a personalised service, attentively focusing on satisfying your needs and desires and maintaining the harmony of your appearance.