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01 - Contact, Consultation and Treatment

All our centres throughout the world will deliver the same high standard of customer service and treatment results. We are always here to help!

Your future is bright with tricopigmentation at Pigmentalia!

When choosing a centre for your treatment in the United Kingdom it is important that you can feel assured that they comply with all the local and European legislation in terms of hygiene and safety. All our Pigmentalia centres throughout the world are in full compliance with the laws and conduct their business in a safe and hygienic way.

Pigmentalia Partner Centres follow the same protocols with our clients when conducting a consultation and / or treatment:

1. All the clients in the United Kingdom which contact Pigmentalia can do so via using the phone number 01274 91189001274 911890, via the e-mail address info@pigmentalia.co.uk or by completing the contact form on the website www.pigmentalia.co.uk

2. The clients will be able to choose their communication preferences:

  • A meeting over the phone with the Pigmentalia technician: The Pigmentalia technician will get in touch with the client on the days and at the times specified and will answer any questions of the client over the phone.
  • A meeting over Skype with the Pigmentalia technician: On the day and at the time specified, the technician and the client will have a video conference via Skype.
  • An e-mail conversation with the Pigmentalia technician: The technician will get in touch with the client through e-mail to ask them to send all their questions and expectations regarding the treatment.
  • A personal meeting in the Pigmentalia Centre closest to the client: The client and Pigmentalia will decide on a day and time to have a private consultation with the Pigmentalia technician.

3. When the client decides to go ahead with the treatment at a Pigmentalia Centre, the Centre will comply with the following protocols:

  • The client is welcomed by the manager of the Centre who explains to the client what micropigmentation is and the legal guarantee that they have when having the treatment in our centre.
  • The client will sign their read and sign the consent form before the treatment (this will be send via email) and an allergy test will be conducted according to the UK standards (this will be send in the post).
  • The treatment will be carried out by certified Pigmentalia technicians. Mario Gisbert, Milena Lardi and Debbie Clifford will be in charge of the artistic training, quality control and supervision of the specialists worldwide and in the UK.
  • Both the representatives of the centres and the Pigmentalia technicians are partners and Technicians Recommended by Beauty Medical and Milena Lardi.
  • The products and the equipment used during the treatments are made by Beauty Medical and Goldeneye, all of them are in full compliance with European and local legislation.
  • All the information about our clients and their treatments will be managed in accordance with the United Kingdom Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).
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