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04 - Pigmentalia Client File

The Client File is one of the tools used by our Technicians while conducting a Scalp Micropigmentation Consultation. In this post, we will inform you on the structure of this card, and we will explain to you why it is important for you.

Ficha de cliente en consulta de Micropigmentación Capilar

This file consists of questions and images, with the aim to collect all the information that is necessary to be able to carry out a precise diagnosis for your treatment, a personalised quote and a monitoring system adapted to your expectations.

The structure of the client file is as follows:

  • Personal, commercial and medical questions.
  • Diagnosis of design and expectations.
  • Budget and treatment.


Personal data and contact data to check your availability with the agenda of our Technicians, set appointments and monitor your case.

  • Name of the client.
  • Date of birth.
  • Profession.
  • Address and zip code.
  • Phone number.
  • E-mail.

Marketing questions to enhance the resources which allow us to reach our clients better:

  • How did you learn about us?
  • Would you like to receive our latest news?
  • Do you use our forum?

Medical questions:

Relevant questions for our Technicians to be able to conduct a diagnosis which takes your health into consideration as well as a treatment suitable for you.

Clinic history:

  • Did you have any transplants?
  • Are you taking any medicines?
  • Do you suffer from HIV / AIDS?
  • Do you have or have you had any tattoos?
  • When did the hair loss start?
  • How often do you cut your hair?


Treatment Plan:

  • Photographs for the treatment plan
  • General conditions of the scalp
  • Skin tone
  • Do you have any scars? Would you like to camouflage any scars?
  • Expectations
  • What do you expect to achieve with this treatment?



  • We prepare the quote after having made the treatment plan and knowing the expectations and requirements of our clients: we can state the price only when these needs are known.


  • Date of treatment, consultant and location: the partner centre where the treatment will take place will be the one legally responsible for and in charge of keeping all the information related to your case.
  • Duration of the treatment: the time you have spent in each session.
  • General comments: any hints or personal comments which can be useful for our Technicians to advance in your treatment and which is not covered in the standard consultation.
  • This file is a document where we keep track of your treatment process. Likewise, it will also allow any member of our Technical Team to help you anywhere in the world if you request a change of Pigmentalia Centres and to address any kind of complaint related to the treatment.