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05 - Informed Consent for Scalp Micropigmentation

Our obligation and your right! The informed consent is a document where necessary information is collected to be able to manage the micropigmentation treatment by complying with the legislation set out by Law: the informed Consent forms part of our obligations as a Centre and your rights as a client.

Toda la información de consentimiento estará sujeta a la Ley de Protección de Datos

All the consent information will be subject to the Law on Data Protection.

The rules in effect require that the people that are to conduct scalp micropigmentation should be informed by the Centre before the treatment takes place. The signing of the "Informed Consent" by the client guarantees that all this information is given, both in verbal and written form. Moreover, among your rights as a client is to reject the document if you do not agree with the information received, thereby cancelling the realisation of the treatment.

All the information collected in this consent form and throughout the treatment will be subject to the Law on Data Protection: the collected data will be kept in a data file which shall be notified to the Data Protection Agency and we will use the data in Pigmentalia exclusively to manage the treatment stated in the contract and send commercial information related to the treatment.

Below we explain what information is collected in that document so that you know what you should request:

Personal data

  • Personal data of the establishment, the client and the micropigmentation technician: Full Name and ID nr.
  • Contact data: we will ask your address, e-mail and phone to be able to manage the appointments during the treatment and to direct you to the Pigmentalia centre that is most convenient for you.
  • Data regarding social networks: if you would like to stay up to date with the information related to alopecia, follow our content regarding scalp micropigmentation, follow our technicians, learn about our case studies and participate in our promotions.

Information on contraindications, risks and complications before and after the treatment. We are transparent when we talk about our treatments and we collect the medical, aesthetic and technical information which will be useful for our professional technicians:

Contraindications: to get informed about the characteristics and special care needed in some cases of contraindications:

  • Temporary contraindications: Herpes simplex or zoster, immune weakness, cosmetic surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, local infection, unstabilized scarring, skin conditions in the area of application (local dermatitis, bruising, sunburn, skin ulcers) and infections bacterial, fungal or viral.
  • Permanent contraindications: allergic reactions to pigments, skin conditions in the application area (freckles and moles, keloids, bulky angiomas, warts, melanomas, impetigo, psoriasis, urticaria, chloasma, nevus or nevi and skin cancer).
  • Under medical supervision: Diabetes, haemophilia, heart disease, HIV, skin disorders or undiagnosed skin lesions in the area of application and other chronic diseases.
  • Risks and complications: possible risks associated with scalp micropigmentation treatment; e.g. local infections, general infections, allergies, contact dermatitis, skin reactions. Herpes simplex, haemorrhage or chronic pathological scars.
  • Guidelines prior the treatment: 24 hours before the treatment, anticoagulants or vasodilators (acetylsalicylic acid), seafood, hot food or strong substances, stimulating substances such as tea or coffee or refreshments or medication containing stimulants should not be taken. Prevention of the herpes simplex virus a week before the treatment, no sunbathing, no exposure to UVA rays, no facial treatments.
  • General care after the treatment.
  • Maintenance: after care instructions will be provided after completing the treatment.
  • Conditions of the reversibility of the treatment: Scalp Micropigmentation is reversible by elimination with laser. However, laser treatment is costly and painful.
  • We inform you that you should consult with your doctor if any reaction or change occurs in the post-treatment process.

General consent:

  • You will be asked about the selected area for micropigmentation treatment.
  • You will be informed that disposable products (of single use which will be thrown away in front of you when the test is over) and accessories will be used.
  • You will have a colour test: where the batches and the registry number of the pigments will be registered.
  • You will be informed that the machines we use in Pigmentalia complies with the Normative RD 414/96 and that it has been previously disinfected and covered with sterile and disposable covers.
  • Confirmation that you have done a design test which fits your preferences and that you have approved the design and the shape as well as the colour of the pigment and the intensity.
  • Authorisation for taking photographs before and after the treatment.
  • Information regarding the general cost of the treatment. The costs include the allergic sensitivity test and all the sessions of treatment or retouches, depending on the case, as well as the time that should pass between the sessions.

Consent for having micropigmentation:

  • You will be informed regarding what micropigmentation is and what you can expect of the treatment and will be reminded of the post and pre-treatment guidelines as well as the risks and contraindications.
  • You will be asked to clarify your particular conditions and your responsibility in following the care during pre-treatment and post-treatment.

In Pigmentalia, we comply with our Duties so that your Rights as a Client are respected!