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09- How long will the treatment take?

In this post, we provide information on the duration of our scalp micropigmentation treatment as well as the necessary consultations and the maintenance visit.

Cronograma del tratamiento para revisiones periódicas

The tricopigmentation treatment is conducted in two days and in certain cases, a retouching needs to be done after 30 days as well. All the clients will have an touch-up visit 30 days after the last session and another evaluation 6 months later to establish the yearly maintenance plan.

On the first day of treatment, the design will be decided with the approval of our client. Once the design has been decided, the technician will mark some subdivisions on the head which will define the area to be treated. Subsequently, the pigment will begin to be injected and our products will be administered, using the technique developed and proven by Beauty Medical. The work will be conducted on each of the marked areas.

Depending on the number of areas that need to be treated the session can take anywhere in between 2 - 5 hours.

The second day of treatment will depend of the type of alopecia or baldness. The technician will follow a different procedure depending on whether we are looking to have a shaved look, more densification or camouflage a scar. The second session will usually take a little less time. With these two sessions, the treatment will be completed except in the case of some types of baldness or scars, which will require a retouching visit after 30 days.

Thirty days after the last session, a consultation visit will be made so that the technician can examine the results and touch up any areas neccessary.

After 6 months, all the treatments will be examined again and the maintenance program will be decided by the client and the technician.