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Camouflaging scars on the head

We provide you with information regarding one of the biggest advantages of scalp micropigmentation: its capacity of camouflaging scars originating from accidents, surgical interventions or illnesses. 

Scalp micropigmentation is a good alternative to camouflage these scars

Scalp micropigmentation (tricopigmentation) is an alternative that can help us to re-establish our image along with our self-esteem.

The scar is a mark that appears on the skin when the skin suffers from damage. To restore this damage, new skin grows with a different density, thickness, colouring and without hair. This difference is noticeable and can lead the person suffering from it to becoming emotionally affected by it.

If the scar is big or if it is on a very visible area, it could come to be of great importance to the person, starting to affect the image that the person has of themselves and therefore decreasing their self-esteem.

Some treatments for hair loss, such as hair transplant surgery have the formation of scars as an undesired effect. These scars will have a different texture and colour when compared to the rest of the skin and they will also be marked by lack of hair.

Scalp micropigmentation is a good alternative to camouflage these scars and to diminish the aesthetic effects. To conduct this procedure, a professional must carry out a diagnosis of your scar as each scar is different.

Tricopigmentation will not manage to remove the scar, but camouflage it: skin tones can be matched, hair follicles can be imitated, redness can be decreased, etc. The scar does not disappear, but we will be able to hide it from your sight and from that of others.

Not all scars can be treated and not all of them are covered effectively. To work on a scar, the scar needs to be stabilised.

We can differentiate between five types of scars. We can come accross different types of scars often before a procedure: Flat Scars, Raised Scars, Sunken Scars, Hypertrophic Scars and Keloid Scars.