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Process in the treatment of scalp scars

The process to conduct a tricopigmentation treatment on a scar must start with the prior protocol of getting to know the client, their expectations and analysing the state of the skin tissue and the area to be treated. 

Process in the treatment of scalp scars

Secondly, we should catalogue the scar within the existing types of scars and we will explain to the client the possible results we can get.

In the case of a flat scar, we can get 100% optimum results. However, in the cases of bulging or hypertrophic scars, we can only get 80% optimum results. This figure decreases to 50% in the case of Atrophic or Sunken scars.

With Keloid scars we would never conduct the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment and for the cases of irregular scars we will first try to get the client to undergo a scar reduction intervention before starting a Tricopigmentation treatment, which, depending on the results of the medical intervention, may not reach more than a 50% optimum result.

The Scalp Micropigmentation sessions that we will conduct on the scar are based on the characteristic features of the scar. The most common process is to conduct the treatment in 3 sessions. In the first one, we can already achieve the desired effect as soon as we finalise the treatment. However, due to the fact that the scar tissue is not equal to the rest of the scalp tissue, new sessions of treatment will be needed.

These sessions must be conducted after 30 and 60 days following the first session. A last session may be necessary after 90 days, always depending on the decision of the Technician, according to the skin tissue once the results of the first and the second sessions have been checked.

In the cases of Atrophic or sunken and irregular scars, an initial trial session will be needed to see if the Technician and the pigment to be employed are appropriate for the treatment and for correctly fixing the scar.