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Scalp Micropigmentation; Does it hurt?

Does it hurt? This is the most frequent question asked by the clients before undergoing a scalp micropigmentation treatment. In this post, we will share with you our experience with micropigmentation and pain.

Scalp Micropigmentation; does it hurt?

In the process of scalp micropigmentation, the technician injects chemical substances in the form of a pigment via a needle that is inserted into the dermal layer of the skin. Despite the fact that our pigments are fully authorized and that they are extremely safe to use, as long as we subject the skin to some external, chemical and mechanical stimuli, our body naturally reacts by releasing chemical substances that induce sensitivity to pain and inflammation.

One of the most important "key factors" in the pain process is the "RTPV1 canal". When our organism is subject to external stimuli, the RTPV1 canals which are located in the neurons receive signals that are interpreted by the Central Nervous System as pain. In this process, the release of substances that are precursors to inflammation also takes place.

The scalp micropigmentation technique can therefore activate the chain of pain and inflammation processes in our organism. The pain will depend on each individual as we each react to pain in a different way.

When they leave the appointment, our clients do not mention that they have had pain during the treatment. They express feeling a sensation of mild discomfort which ceases when the session ends.

Pain is a completely subjective and individual factor. However, the use of our products and advanced equipment reduce the sensation to a mild discomfort which is felt only during the session.

During our treatments in Scalp Micropigmentation, we use cosmetic products which minimize the sensation of pain or discomfort during the treatment and when the treatment is concluded.

In turn, the specific training of our technicians for conducting the treatments of Tricopigmentation as well as the pigments, the equipment and accessories used minimize the sensation of pain or discomfort during the treatment.