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Needles and needle heads for Scalp Micropigmentation

The needles and needle caps for Tricopigmentation must be sterilised, certified and of a single use for each client and session.

Pigmentalia Needles

The use of needles must comply with the prerequisites applicable to them in terms of safety, effectiveness, evaluation and risk. Their production, distribution and sale are subject to the supervision of health authorities. The manufacturing company requires a license for the premises awarded by the Spanish Agency for Medications and Healthcare Products and the companies that work on their distribution and sale must also inform the Department of Health regarding this activity.

The precision of the needle is ensured via:

  • An ultra-fine finish.
  • Maximum visibility.
  • An extra tank for pigments.
  • The perfect administration of the pigment.
  • Safety.
  • Maximum length of 2 mm.
  • Stick with an extra tank for the pigment suitable to avoid vibrations and conduct precise implantation.
  • Needle flexibility: Important to help with the implantation of the pigment.
  • Composition: In general, stainless steel needles are used. A round, stainless steel point minimises the trauma while maximising the colour.

The needle heads must allow for the visualisation of the pigment, as well as the needle attached to this pigment. On the other hand, the needle head should not reflect shadows on the skin that is being treated and there should be proper ventilated for the following reasons:

  • To avoid the inhalation of the pigment.
  • To avoid the pigment spilling into the treatment area.