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Treatment Area in Scalp Micropigmentation

The owners of the establishments where Scalp Micropigmentation is conducted are legally responsible for hygiene and for the safety of the procedures that they perform, as well as for the maintenance of the facilities, the equipment and the tools.

Treatment cubicles in a Pigmentalia centre
Treatment cubicles in a Pigmentalia centre

These establishments should have specific license for micropigmentation, awarded by the Department of Health of the local council.

The Scalp Micropigmentation premises must be individual and completely separated from the rest of the premises, such as the reception, the waiting room, the area for cleaning-disinfection-storage and preparation of the equipment for work, the bathrooms, the dressing rooms of the staff, the administrative area, etc. The first guarantee of safety at work is to maintain an organised and safe working area. Sharp and pointy materials that can cause accidental injuries and wounds must be avoided.

Other legal requisites:

  • Both the vertical and the horizontal surfaces as well as the furniture must be made of materials that allow for easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • The treatments on the skin or on other body areas must be conducted in a specific working area, isolated from the rest of the establishment and provided with good lighting to work with safety and provide enough light to work safely and effectively.
  • The design and materials of construction for the furniture of the centres affiliated with micropigmentation activities must allow for easy cleaning and disinfection. The metallic elements of the installations must be materials that are resistant to oxidation.
  • Furniture at these centres must be arranged in such a way as to ensure that materials and utensils are within easy reach for the practitioner.
  • There must be a sink which does not function with a manual mechanism, equipped with running water, soap dispensers and single-use towels.

For a scalp micropigmentation technician, the most important features, in addition to hygiene and the safety and comfort of their clients, must be personal comfort. For scalp micropigmentation, a capacity to move 360º around the chair of the client is needed. The working area must meet the following criteria:

  • The chair of the client must be very comfortable and multi-functional.
  • The client must be in a relaxed position.
  • Perfect lighting (two lamps can be very useful to avoid shadows).
  • Lamps that do not produce heat or flashes. For e.g. dentist lamps, cosmetic spotlights, spotlights used in medicine, etc.