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Does a man need his hair to be attractive?

Many men think that hair is vital when it comes to being attractive. This makes them search for solutions: hair pieces, wigs, medication. Many men grow their remaining own hair and comb it a certain way to try and hide the balding areas.

Shave hair, a powerful and confident look

Even though having dense hair is a greatly attractive feature, there is another reality: total baldness proves to look much more virile to women than many long-haired looks. And these are not just words.

This theory was demonstrated by Albert Mannes from the Wharton University of Pennsylvania in a study published in the "Social Psychological and Personality Science" magazine.

The experiment was conducted with 60 volunteers who were shown photos of many men: the first photo of a man with hair and then another photo of the same man with a "shaved look" with the help of Photoshop.

The results of the research suggested that the volunteers regarded the subject with the shaved look as the most dominant, powerful, athletic one and even a bit taller. To shave their heads made the men highlight aspects like authority, masculinity and influence.

The observers preferred a completely shaved head to the early stages of baldness. Therefore, the author suggests that men that begin to lose their hair (which happens to 35 million men in the USA alone) could get more self-confidence if they decide to pick up the razor.

The shaved look evokes, in the imagination, concepts like authority and power. They go with the strength of one that does not try to hide anything. The look of those who dare to show their true self.

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