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Football players with a shaved look

We dedicate this post to three football players without alopecia problems who have worn the shaved with great success, each in his own way.

Gerard Piqué
Fernando Torres
David Beckham

Football is in fashion and the look of football players sets trends that’s a fact. The word "fashion" is often used to describe the habits or tastes that mark a specific era or place.

Many famous people have used fashion to their advantage. Within the world of football, we have Piqué, Fernando Torres and David Beckham as examples; all of these figures have shaved their heads with the idea of creating a look or certain style that suits their image at that particular moment in time.

In Spain we have Torres as well as Piqué who have worn the shaved look with great success. According to Ramiro Fernández, the barber of the Spanish national team, shaving is used to create expectations and intimidate rivals in a certain way.

At the international level, others have used the shaved look to create expectations also out of the field, as is the case with the changing styles of David Beckham. The image of David Beckham is a brand on its own. His look sells and his hair is one of his biggest assets.

Apart from their jobs, these three people have in common that they do not have alopecia problems. Yet, they have all decided to shave their heads with the idea of being successful.

The shaved look is not only associated with people that try to hide their alopecia, but is today a choice of many men who seek to create a strong and masculine look for themselves.