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Movie Heros with a Shaved Look

What do Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel have in common apart from the shaved look? The actors Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel have a common label that adds value to their image: their shaved look. However, we have been looking into their filmography and we have found other similarities between them.

Bruce Willis in Die Hard - Shaved Look
Vin Diesel in Fast & The Furious

Action heroes:

One of the best success stories of Bruce Willis is and has been his role as a retired New York policeman called John McClane in the "Die Hard" saga. A strong, stubborn and determined personality with a high sense of responsibility defines this action hero who we see as a common guy. He wears sleeveless or short-sleeved V-neck T-shirts that he sometimes combines with large checked shirts and leather jackets. He wears grey pants and black boots, which give him an increased freedom of movement. As for his hair, in the third saga, he decided to have a shaved look to cope with baldness, which was becoming increasingly more emphasised.

Vin Diesel has triumphed thanks to his role in films like "The Fast and the Furious", where he portrays the "King" of street racing, in Riddick, where he portrays an experienced pilot; a Furyan who has his eyes operated to be able to see in the dark and in xXx, Xander is a lover of high-risk sports recruited by the government to carry out a dangerous mission. To represent these characters, he has worn sleeveless T-shirts and baggy pants, black leather jackets or lined long fur coats.

Men with Value:

They both decided to act mostly in action and risk-based blockbuster movies.

Sensitive men:

They both manage to show themselves as vulnerable and invincible at the same time. Heroes that are capable of getting emotional and making us feel moved.

The following has been stated regarding the two actors:

  • Vin Diesel has a great level sensitivity that is reflected in the romantic scenes and in his relationship with the other actors and technical staff.
  • Bruce Willis is exceptional among the action actors of Hollywood, given that he can make himself seem vulnerable and invincible at the same time.

We share these opinions. Our favourite shaved men combine their image as action men with their sensitivity. They reflect the image of agile, sharp, intelligent and strong men. Men of power with a sensitive appearance, whose success is accompanied by their shaved look.