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Pep Guardiola, The look of the true leader

As one of the best and most famous football managers of today, Pep Guardiola's image is a great example of how a certain look or image can help you succeed in business.

The shaved look of Pep Guardiola

His shaved head reveals his sharp-edged face, his dark complexion and bushy eyebrows that accompany an introverted look. Passionate about fashion, he wears sleek suits with straight pants that cling slightly to his legs and he accompanies them with slim ties, almost always the same colour as the suit, which often carries the labels of Dior, Prada, Armani, Dsquared2 or Toni Miró.

Currently, he has a look with a well-kept beard of several days and a shaved head with a frontal line that is not very defined which highlights his natural physical features.

Seated at the benches of Barcelona and Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola has made us enjoy football, regardless of our ideology, thanks to his position as a real leader, which he has demonstrated not only because of his triumphs but also due to his capacity of empowering the innate potentials of each of his players at an individual level and as interconnected parts of a team. A successful man who has achieved fame with humility, keeping his attachment to his values and to his family.

For us, the image of Pep Guardiola goes hand in hand with words like humanity, progress, humility, success, family, faithfulness, excellence, ambition, virility, authority, integrity, the pursuit of development, discipline and determination. These are the values that define a true leader and the first of our series: "Our favourite shaved look".