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Shemar Moore in his role with a shaved look

American model and actor Shemar Moore is the star of this week's section: "Our favourite Shaved Look".

Shemar Moore in Criminal Minds with a Shaved Look
Shemar Moore a few years ago with longer hair

In his professional biography, we see his work as a model and actor: he has recently been selected for the second year in a row as the sexiest actor alive according to the Glam magazine. Today, he is at the peak of his professional success thanks to his character "Derek Morgan" in the psychological suspense series called "Criminal Minds".

When we looked at the biography of Shemar Moore, we discovered different looks that we would like to share with you: From 2000 until 2007, we saw him with short hair or hair shaved on the sides and long and dense on the top of the head, sometimes with a trimmed goatee.

In 2005, when he portrayed Orlando in the film "Diary of an old mad woman”, he had long, tied back dreadlocks and a short, unkempt beard.

Currently, he has a shaved look, which he often combines with short and well-kept beard styles and retouched goatees, with which he portrays agent Derek Morgan in the series "Criminal Minds".

The look of Shemar Moore has been evolving with his characters and always in touch with the demands of the moment. Even though the shaved look is ideal for the Derek character, Shemar Moore personally has also made the most of it; with his shaved look, he is at his best professional moment and he has managed to become the sexiest fashionable actor.

The shaved look has stopped being only an alternative to alopecia; it is becoming the fashionable option for many men who can still have long hair; the choice of those who look for an attractive, comfortable and modern image that accompanies them in their success.

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