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Vin Diesel or Samson Myth? Get the shaved look!

You can see the image of the lead actor, his shaved head and his muscular shoulders. These images have taken over the billboards in 2013 thanks to his leading role in the recent film: Riddick.

Vin Diesel and his sexy Shaved Look in Riddick

Vin Diesel is another man that goes against the popular belief that attractiveness, power, virility and, above all, strength depends on the hair or the so-called "defenders of the Samson myth". His muscular body, his countless roles as a superhero, his success in the world of cinema make him rank among the first in terms of virility. And also in terms of shaved looks.

Through the power that his muscular and strong body displays, through his image as an invincible hero, through that spirit of self-confidence at first sight, Vin Diesel gives us enough motives to go against this popular Samson belief: "with his hair cut off, he lost his strength".

Vin Diesel is not attached to his hair and this might have worked to his advantage when he made it to the top of the list of the most desirable men in the 21st century. Therefore, today he leads our section of "our favourite shaved look men" and turns into another model for those who attach too much importance to hair loss. Vin Diesel shaves his head voluntarily and wears his shaved look with great confidence.

We like Vin Diesel because he chooses the shaved look to be among the list of the sexiest, strong and virile men. We like Vin Diesel more than the Samson myth that’s for sure!