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What the Shaved Look Says about You

The experts in communication tell us that only 7% of what we communicate is done through words, 38% is achieved through intonation and voice, 55% of the remaining impact is determined through our gestures, body language or posture, facial expressions, objects such as clothes and of course, also through our haircut.

Mat Daymon interpreta a un ex convicto y héroe futurista en Elysium
Jake Gyllenhaal se rapa para protagonizar el thriller “End of Watch”

Non-verbal communication is an essential part of our communication and our look forms part of this communication. Our clothes and our hair style communicate messages and the message they carry is strong.

There are examples regarding the importance of the look of a person when it comes to communicating, especially in the cinema: Many actors go through strict diets to gain or lose weight, tone their bodies, grow beards or shave, change their haircut or colour... They do all this to be coherent with the image of their character.

Even though there are many actors who have or have worn a shaved look, today we will have a look at the films of three current film stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Matt Damon and Will Smith.

Jake Gyllenhaal shaved his head to perform the leading role in the thriller “End of Watch” His shaved look goes with his Los Angeles police uniform, his toughness and with a strong feeling of togetherness with his loved ones.

Matt Damon has the role of an ex-convict and futurist hero in Elysium; his shaved look accompanies him in the utopian mission of achieving equality for humanity in the year 2154.

Will Smith wears a black leather coat, guns and a shaved look to fight against the robots who wish to control the human race in "I, Robot".

Our look accompanies our words and has a lot of power over the image that others perceive when they see us.

Film directors choose a shaved look when they portray characters who fight for the interests of a community; gallant men who act for the common good.