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K.R.- Densification Effect

This client came to our clinic because he wanted to have more density in the fontal area of his scalp and to camouflage a scar in the occipital area which was caused by a FUT hair transplant (strip).

For this client we used an effect we call the “densification effect”, a total of 3 sessions were carried on this client. In the first session we focused on the frontal area and created more density using a specific dispersion of dots. During this session we also worked very gently and carefully on the scar. The next day we continued with the 2nd session of tricopigmentation in the frontal area of the scalp using the densification effect.

After 30 days we started with the 3rd and final session where we corrected any areas that had not taken the pigment in the first session and we finished the working once more on both the frontal area and the FUT scar.

We used special Beauty Medical approved equipment during all sessions as well as specially developed pigments. The treatment was carried out by Dênisson Amaral in Pigmentalia Toledo.

The client was given verbal and written after care instructions which he followed carefully after his treatments.