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Natalya Koroleva

Tricopigmentation Practitioner (Moscow)

Natalya Koroleva has worked in the Micropigmentation industry since 2001, she was trained by some of the best technicians.

When she first found out about Goldeneye Micropigmentation, she was very impressed with their products, terms of training and the results that can be achieved with their system.

After being trained by some of the best technicians for several years, Natalya has become a Micropigmentation renowned expert, teaching and developing training programs all over Russia.

In 2006 Natalya Koroleva won the III International Competition for permanent make-up Perfect Line Baltika in St. Petersburg.

Today, she is a lecturer at congresses on micropigmentation, and founder of several techniques copyright.

She loves her profession, seeing it as an opportunity to help people, giving them a little more confidence, and showing them that they are beautiful. Introducing only a slightest change, that in any way does not contradict the natural and human beauty, the inner mood of each client changes.

She loves giving support to her students throughout their professional career and their successes.

She thinks that her profession is unique and very complex, but she enjoys the great work done for her customers.