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Pablo Gisbert

Tricopigmentation Technician (Spain)

When he was young, Pablo Gisbert combined his education in Administration with his studies as a Hairdresser and Aesthetician.

Since the 1980's, Pablo Gisbert has been involved in the growth of the Micropigmentation industry in Spain. His mother, Josefina Carrasco, was the pioneer in introducing this Technique to Spain. And in the 1990s, his brother Mario Gisbert was the first person to develop a unique and intense training system, which today is taught in more than 160 centres worldwide.

The professional success of his mother and his brother led Pablo Gisbert to focus exclusively on this speciality from the early 90s. Since then, he has never left this industry and continues to contribute to the popularity of these treatments.

Pablo Gisbert is a member of the Executive Board of the Spanish Micropigmentation Association and he also coordinates this Association in Madrid, Castilla León, Castilla la Mancha and Extremadura.

As an experienced trainer, he provides all sorts of courses, from basic to advanced levels, and he regularly consults with the Institutes of Higher Education, Associations and Companies from the Aesthetics Sector where he introduces new techniques and technologies in Micropigmentation. Furthermore, he is the technical and commercial representative for Goldeneye Micropigmentation, a leading brand worldwide.

Pablo Gisbert has specialised in micropigmentation for men and medical micropigmentation. He also supervises the work of his own team of technicians, who conduct micropigmentation treatments in Madrid, Castilla León, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura.

Pablo Gisbert results show that Micropigmentation is an effective, efficient and satisfactory technique for his clients and he believes that this speciality is without a doubt more than just a profession to him.

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